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[Write] Employment certificate for a Schengen visa

Besides an invitation letter required for a Schengen visa under visiting/traveling purpose, there are a few official letters you need to include in the visa application in order to prove your financial resource  or the ties with your home country, which is Labor contract + Payslip OR Employment certificate + Salary certificate.

I wrote a formal letter of Employment certificate in which I also mentioned my salary information, then handed to my boss your signature. The letter should provide enough basic information about the company and yourself (no less, no more), and it should be as succinct as possible.

Sample of an Employment certificate for a Schengen visa application:

It, though looks simple, is all the basic information the Embassy/Consulate needs to know so that they can examine your situation. My teacher once said, “It shouldn’t be too short or has too much redundant detail because no one is going to read unnecessary information.” 🙂

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