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Sapa: Homestay Experience

Chopai Homestay

This place reminds me of a hostel where you get the vibrant atmosphere and meet travelers worldwide. There are two houses. The main house whose front yard is a restaurant and a bar at which food and drink are served all day is where you can get all travel information (tour, bus/train ticket..). I personally prefer the second house which is 100m away from the main one. It is quieter and has a nicer view.

Price: $25/double room


Sapa Travel - Sapa homestay - Chopai 1
Sapa Travel - Sapa homestay - Chopai house




                                   View from our room…

Sali's House

Located at the end of a narrow and earthy path, it is a little confusing to find, but Ms. Hien, a housekeeper, will contact and pick you up. Opposite to the lively atmosphere of Chopai Homestay, Sali’s House is more of a tranquil, relaxing place, 100 meters from the street.

Waking up from this place is like waking up from a light and silvery dream. Its large yard is a perfect place to enjoy tea/coffee in the morning while admiring the beautiful rolling hills in the fresh and delightfully cool air.

What impressed us the most was the charming and cosy interior. Bed is a little hard but there is a heating mattress underneath . Scented candle can be found everywhere in the house, and there is nothing better than snuggling up inside a blanket in a cold night with the scent of cinnamon around. So picturesque! ?

We also love the second bathroom which is separated from the main house. It is spacious, decorated with flowerpots, making us feel like we were lost in a botanical garden. I love the big window looking down to the valley too – First time in my life to experience taking a bath in front of a window 😛

No food and beverage service, but the kitchen has free rice, tea, and coffee as well as all the kitchenware to cook. Market is a few steps away (I would bring food with me though)

Price: 600,000 dong/double room


H'Mong The Hills

We didn’t stay here but swung by this restaurant (also a homestay) a frosty night for dinner. After the very first bite, I knew that I would come back again for more this irresistible food. A 5-course dinner is 70,000 dong/pax but it’s plenty. We were always afraid that we couldn’t finish all of that.

The owner, also chef is probably the loveliest host we met during our stay. She is very affable and gregarious. Her restaurant is decorated with cheery blossom, and Vietnamese pre-war music gently fills the place.


Sapa Travel - Sapa homestay - H'Mong the hills - where to stay in Sapa
Sapa Travel - Sapa homestay - H'Mong the hills - what to eat in Sapa

Whether a room or a family dinner, don’t forget to book in advance to avoid hassle and have a better experience during your stay 🙂

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