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Best photo locations in Amsterdam

This multifaceted city appeals to visitors worldwide for every reasons.


From the Heineken experience, Van Gogh Museum to the beautiful canals, Dam Square, or the Red Light District, Amsterdam deserves a real visit. But on top of that, it is a great place to seek inspiration for photography.

With these carefully-picked locations, you can walk around the city for best photo locations without missing out on any of your must-do list. And if you make it right, every shot you take can carry the same rich history, elegance, and glamour the centuries old city of Amsterdam deserves. Hope our guide comes in handy for you.

Damrak street: from Central station to Dam Square

For people who arrive at Amsterdam’s Central station, Damrak is the main street in front of you, leading to Dam square — the center of Amsterdam. With canal cruises, “clock tower” stock exchange, Sherlocked – mystery experiences on the left and a great deal of restaurants, museums, boutiques, galleries on the right, Damrak street is like a facade and a preview of what Amsterdam has to offer. And, it offers a lot!

For an inspiration to take photos, you can just stroll along this street either day or night. If you turn right to a side street, you then will be led to many other A side street in Amsterdammaze-like streets consisting rows of shops/stores. This area is also heaven for any shopaholic.

Dam Square: De Nieuwe Kerk – Royal Palace

When your feet get tired after that long walk from Central Station, not to worry, you finally reach Dam Square. Dam square is like a meeting point where people can just chill in the sun and admire the modern and gothic architecture of Royal Palace and De Nieuwe Kerk from the outside. In a nice sunny day, sunlight goes through stained glass of towering building, making the air looks like it is filled with color powder.

De Nieuwe Kerk and Royal Palace in Dam Square

You know what is worth doing here? Take away a stroopwafel or thick Dutch fries and savor it here, I am sure they will taste a lot more delicious 🙂

Dam Square Amsterdam

Blend into the crowd in the middle of Dam Square. In front of you is Royal Palace; on the right is De Nieuwe Kerk; on the left is Madame Tussauds; behind is the National Monument; coffee shops, restaurants fill the place; and if you are looking for a good souvenir shop, Dam Square Souvenirs (cross the street) is where you can check it out.

Dam Square people Amsterdam

Red Light District

When the sun goes down, let’s meander around Amsterdam’s heart of night entertainment, the Red Light District – De Wallen. From prostitute in Amsterdam wearing skimpy underwear, showing off their bodies, sex shops and clubs, sex museums, theaters, to an old couple twisting their faces, pointing in shock, to a group of Chinese visitors pointing their cameras everywhere, it is not all yet. The Red Light District is more than what you might have heard of.

Prostitution is legal in Holland, and prostitutes are also taxpayers. They have their own union, a cluster of police protection, 24-hour video surveillance in the area, visitor information center, frequent check-up and professional standards, and even bodyguards employed by the prostitute themselves. It, hence, is the most well-controlled area in Amsterdam.

If curiosity is what gets you, come down at nigh and it will satisfy to your every whim. It is vibrant and pretty when all the neon light illuminates the calm and quiet canals. It is swarming with tourists. It thrives until around 3 or 4 am when the crowds die down and shops are closed.

Do not take photos of occupied windows and be aware of pickpockets

Jordan: Street scene – café – art studio

Not far away from the city center, Jordan is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Amsterdam. This place is a mix between an old-fashioned close-knit community and a young, vibrant, upwardly-mobile immigrant group who transforms this neighborhood into one of the most upscale locations in Amsterdam, highlighted by art studios and galleries, dotted with café, restaurants, and scenic streets.

Best photo locations in Amsterdam
Best photo locations in Amsterdam
Best photo locations in Amsterdam
Best photo locations in Amsterdam
Best photo locations in Amsterdam
Best photo locations in Amsterdam

In conclusions: We stayed in Amsterdam for two full days, but it was raining and gloomy the very first day. Lighting conditions weren’t good, but we gave it our best shot. Below is a map I made for the trip leading you through every places including some hidden gems in Amsterdam. Hope weather smiles on you, and have a memorable trip in Amsterdam. Good luck! 🙂

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