Hanoi Food Tour: Eat like a local

Hanoi Food Tour- Crab noodle - Vietnamese cuisine

Cafe Trứng - Egg Coffee

Does it sound weird to you: EGG coffee? Well, you hear me right. And I’m sure that this unique drink has blown many people’s minds after tasting it. This legendary coffee is a perfect combination of Vietnamese brewed coffee, condensed milk, egg yolk in which egg yolk is vigorously whisked with condensed milk until thick, frothy, custard-like then poured over the strong black coffee. To drink this, people should gently stir the foamy whipped egg with the coffee below (It doesn’t taste like egg at all). If you are planning for your Hanoi Food Tour or just got back from the majestic yet a little cold Sapa, don’t miss out this stunning coffee.

The marriage of the egg’s rich taste and aromatic coffee wafting through the air makes up specific flavor. Sweet and tasty of egg and milk are in harmony with bitterness of coffee and leaves behind the mesmerizing scent.

Hanoi Kids

Where: Cafe Giảng – 39 Nguyễn Hữu Huân (for the original one) but other coffee shops along this street serve pretty nice egg coffee too 🙂

Hanoi Food Tour - Egg Coffee - Vietnam

Bánh đa cua - Brown rice noodles with crab

Hanoi Food Tour- Crab noodle - Vietnamese cuisine

Apart from Phở, the world-renowned noodle soup originated from Hanoi, brown rice noodles with crab –Bánh đa cua– should be on your checklist as it is distinctive and not available elsewhere outside the country.

Bánh đa is the thick, brown, flat rice noodle which is chewier than the soft white noodle in Phở. Cua as in crab refers to the broth that is simmered for hours to extract maximum flavor.

A bowl of Bánh đa cua contains a rich layer of greens (bean spouts) at the bottom, followed by rice noodles, topped with some crumbed crab meat, flakes of soft meat, shrimp, mushroom, fried shallot, and chopped spring onions. A small bowl of broth is served separately. Pour the desired amount of broth over the mixture and mix well.

To eat like a local in Hanoi, you should try this humble yet incredibly complex dish. It captures the many textures created by the crunchy bean sprouts, the chewy rice noodles, the tender, sweetness to shrimp and crab meat.

Where: Bánh đa cua Hải Phòng – 2 Cửa Đông (corner of Cửa Đông & Hàng Gà street)

Grilled food in Mã Mây street

Ma May street, in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, is deservedly popular for its plethora of bustling bars, coffee shops and restaurants. To fill your empty stomach before bar-hopping, let’s swing by Eat like a local in Hanoi - Phuong BeoTheir MenuPhương Béo as their food is undeniably up to the task. You will be, again, sitting on low chair and table with a grill pan in the middle and you will cook your own meats. Depending on the number of people, you can choose the amount of food to meet the needs of your group. Note that the margarine will cost an extra 10,000 dong. Otherwise, you can use oil filled in a plastic bottle at no charge. Order bread or chips as side dishes. We strongly recommend you order their stir-fried corn.

Grilled food is delectable and dipping source, though simply created from salt, pepper, chilly and a few drops of kumquat, will quickly awaken all of your senses. We chose a mixed grill of veggies, pork, beef, and chicken. Tell them to leave out the organ if you don’t like it.

Where: Phương Béo, Gà Đồi – 45-46 Mã Mây

Hanoi Food Tour: Eat like a local
Hanoi Food Tour: Eat like a local

Below is a map where we already marked all the places (from Google) for your Hanoi Food Tour adventure. Enjoy!

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